Recognize anyone in these photos? Maybe yourself? :) -
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Recognize anyone in these photos? Maybe…
Nature and humankind are not enemies ... They lose the cattle fair competition and fall asleep together and this boy and his cow are immortalized in a photo

Recognize anyone in these photos? Maybe yourself? :)

October 05, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In the world we live in, there are people who cannot handle even the slightest "wrongs" and then there are those who let such things just slide right off of them so easily that other people envy them. 

Furthermore, these kinds of people do not worry at all if what they have in mind to do or accomplish may seem strange or anachronistic.

To be honest, anyone who tries to discredit or ridicule these individuals perhaps are actually a bit envious of their "don't give a damn" attitude and their ability to not take everything too seriously.

All in all, we must admit that there is something to be learned from these photos!

This is Carter. He knocked on my door, asked me if he could have a banana and then left.

image: Theone211

This couple ... 😂

image: imgur

They have just overturned their car and his wife is still trapped inside, but he smiles ... After all, no one was hurt!

At the birth of Jesus Christ, in the manger, there was also Spider-Man.

image: indigovisions

Grandmother may be drowning but everyone, including her ... keeps smiling!

image: reddit

Nobody can judge me ... 😂

image: Noerdy

A nice martini in the gym --- why not?

image: TaylorSatine

This man refuses to embrace the latest developments in music technology!

image: surpasser

When your flight is canceled and you behave as if nothing has happened!

image: wave517

Playing solitaire on your break at your desk ...

image: dortmunder

The classic way of going out for a ride ...

A hurricane has just passed but they do not lose heart! It's the perfect moment to use their kayak!

image: blapowwwwah

How do tired musicians rest? Here's the secret!

image: savedbyiron

Granny has preceded them on the escalator and as for the other ... They wait.

image: djTrip9

A scene in Florida. We have no further details.

image: Littlewing29

What hole in my shoe are you talking about?

image: GallowBoob

He cooks crepes during the lesson. What? Haven't you ever done that?

Find the REAL engineer.

image: carlaas

This security guard always summons his substitute, before taking his break.

image: adictamente
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