One puppy and its incredible story ... -
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One puppy and its incredible story ...
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One puppy and its incredible story ...

July 07, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Ermioni Giannakou is the woman who found this puppy dragging itself on its front paws. 

She was in Greece on the outskirts of an inland village when she saw the small wounded animal. She decided to take it to a veterinary clinic right away.

At the clinic, the veterinarians advised her to put the puppy to sleep because there was no hope but Ermioni was opposed to their decision.

Somebody shot Niki with a gun.

Niki has a bullet stuck in the spine because someone shot her with a gun. The veterinarians' verdict was unanimous: there was nothing that could be done, the bullet was in contact with the spine and was impossible to remove, Niki was sentenced to drag her legs for the rest of her life. Ermioni Giannakou then decided to help Niki find someone who would love her so she could live the best possible life.

The bullet has entered her spine and could not be extracted.

Just because Niki is paralyzed does not mean that a dog cannot have a good life. Many paralyzed dogs are able to live normal lives, just like the others. Niki will never be able to walk again but with physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, she will have the chance to recover the partial use of the hind leg paws. Therefore, with few possibilities but many hopes, Niki was adopted by a UK family, who immediately noticed how special she was. They bought her a stroller for animals and Niki has become happier as each day passes and she always wants to play.


Fortunately, Niki was adopted by a family who loves her.

They bought her a stroller for animals with which she can walk and move around.

Niki is so happy that she seems to have totally forgotten her terrible past ...

Watch the video below and see with your own eyes this puppy's happiness ...

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