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DIY Vertical Wall Gardening Made Easy
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DIY Vertical Wall Gardening Made Easy

August 26, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Spring has come and is the perfect time to plant some colorful flowers or create a small green space to let your house breathe.

There is no need to have a large terrace or a large garden to enjoy growing plants!

With these twelve vertical garden examples, your creativity will definitely be stimulated to invent the best structure for your home or you can simply build one of the examples that we are going to show you!

1. A vertical garden created with flower pots of different sizes.

2. Use concrete blocks to create an attractive vertical outdoor garden.

image: Urban Garden

3. Love strawberries? With these PVC tubes, you can grow a large quantity and also keep them safe from insects and lizards.

4. Wooden boxes assembled and combined into a vertical structure.

Image: Ana White

5. A pyramid garden.


6. A green tower in your garden is just what has been missing!

image: Sunset

7. A jar garden --- that is totally suitable for indoors!


8. A vertical wooden structure for growing salad greens!

image: Bonnie Plants

9. A vertical garden using fabric pockets is very neat and orderly!

image: Instructables

10. An alternative use of drainage ducts. Perfect for cultivating lettuce plants!

11. A vertical wooden grid with plant pots hanging from hooks.

12. Vases full of wonderful succulent plants placed in a shallow framework and vertically arranged.

image: Luna-See

By the way, if you have an entire wall that is empty and you want to build a vertical garden ... well, just watch the video!

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