Maybe "the Force" is still strong with dad but his son? Meh... -
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Maybe "the Force" is still strong with…
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Maybe "the Force" is still strong with dad but his son? Meh...


This dad had a brilliant idea to give his two-year-old son Sebastian a little scare (obviously nothing dangerous!). Being aware of his son's passion for Star Wars, dad wanted to see what reaction the little one would have being confronted by Darth Vader, the villain in Star Wars!

Consequently, dad puts together a complete Darth Vader costume and surprises Sebastian while he sleeping! The joke, however, takes a completely different turn from what dad expected!

Instead of the young child being frightened, Sebastian only expresses mild surprise and picks up his lightsaber for only a few seconds and ... immediately wants to play a different game! Sorry, dad ....evidently, Darth Vader is not what he used to be!

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