This doctor shows us a physical maneuver that eliminates dizziness (vertigo) in seconds -
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This doctor shows us a physical maneuver…
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This doctor shows us a physical maneuver that eliminates dizziness (vertigo) in seconds

January 27, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Dizziness can be a real disability: the sufferer has difficulty leaving the house, going up or down stairs or even just standing. The suddenly appears dizzy: it all starts to spin, you feel a sensation of soil instability and we must lean on something or sit on the floor to restore balance.

Many people have found effective the method proposed by Dr. Carol Foster, whose YouTube video has 2.5 million views. That's what it is.

via: Youtube

The doctor may want to carry out this operation regularly during the day and when you feel dizzy.

He sits on the floor on his knees and turns his gaze upwards.

Then you door completely to the ground by turning the head to the left shoulder.


He raises his head and let your back in a horizontal position for a few seconds.

Next you need to go faster in a sitting position. Those who have tried this method confirms that it has blocked the vertigo immediately after raised its head.

A maneuver that is striking for its simplicity. . . But especially for its effectiveness!

Here is the full video of the Dr. Foster method!

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