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A Siberian Husky puppy was saved from…
 Some uses of the famous Nivea cream that can come in handy in everyday situations This dog was lovingly rescued from living and hiding in a pipe!

A Siberian Husky puppy was saved from being euthanized....TWICE!


Casper is a Husky puppy, born with the Swimmer Syndrome, a condition that only affects puppies and kittens and that prevents the animal from standing up on its feet.

The farmer who owned Casper decided to euthanize him because he was unable to sell him. Fortunately, a woman saved him but even the opinion of a trusted veterinarian was not any different. 

What both the farmer and the veterinarian did not know is that this syndrome resolves itself on its own in a couple of months!

Now, Casper has become a wonderful dog despite the fact that in his short life he had already risked being killed twice!

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