Recovering a recording of his late wife's…
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Recovering a recording of his late wife's voicemail was a miracle!

June 27, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Stan Beaton became a widower following his wife's death in 2003 due to stomach cancer. In a short amount of time, he had lost everything in their life together! He had lost her presence at home, her affection, and her company.

Everything that reminded him of his wife was very painful to him, except one thing --- her voice recorded on their answering machine. Whenever Stan felt sad and disheartened, all he had to do was just listen to that brief message to put a smile on his face, though accompanied by some tears. 

But one day that recording disappeared after his telephone company had done some maintenance work on his telephone line. Suddenly, the nightmare that Stan had long feared had actually happened!

For ten years, Stan had never changed his telephone company because he knew that if he did, his answering service recording would be lost.

image: thesun.co.uk

The other companies, in fact, had repeatedly reiterated the impossibility of transferring the old answering service message to a new contract. Since he did not want to take any risks, Stan had remained faithful to the same company, Virgin Media.

Nevertheless, following some maintenance repair work, Virgin Media removed Mr. Beaton's answering service recorded message --- and his world collapsed around him. Now he had nothing left of his wife.

image: thesun.co.uk

He had lost the dearest thing in his life that was precious to him, his wife's voice immortalized in those few seconds of recording. The phone company had excluded the possibility of recuperating the recording despite Stan's incessant requests. 

However, it was this elderly man's desperation that finally persuaded the company's employees to break the rules and look for ways to get that recorded message back. 

Therefore a group of 10 employees worked against time to recuperate the recording to please the unhappy man. Fortunately, their efforts were crowned with success! To tell him the good news, a journalist went to Stan's house to bring him the recording and to check the authenticity of the voice that had been recovered.

In the video, we can see that the moments that followed were moments of intense emotion ...


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