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Heroic man risks falling to save a cat!
Tips for Expert Grilling! Why doesn't this cat try to run away?!

Heroic man risks falling to save a cat!

December 11, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

A man on his motorbike was just passing by a building by accident but when he realized what was happening, he did not think twice.

This courageous man climbed up a ladder placed against the building to try to save a cat stuck on a window ledge. But the ladder, unfortunately, was just long enough to allow the man to reach the cat with his hand!

Consequently, the man discovered that coming back down the ladder with the cat was very difficult and dangerous --- including one breath-taking moment when he almost lost his balance! However, in the end, he managed to come back down safely, and we see him leave the same way he came ...

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