Two young soccer players stun the stadium ... -
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Two young soccer players stun the stadium…
A mysterious disease took away her limbs ... Whoa! These sharks DO NOT LIKE to be disturbed!

Two young soccer players stun the stadium ...

October 23, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

On more than one occasion soccer, has been shown to be lax in acknowledging the basic rules of sport, including the ones dealing with morality. Fair play no longer accompanies the soccer players onto the playing field and spectators see them compete in a way that is too often disrespectful and rude.

The video we are about to show you has gone viral on the Internet, perhaps because it shows the essence of football, the real one --- a child stops during the game and ties another player's shoe, who is an opponent, to be precise.

A small gesture that makes us appreciate these kinds of scenes that unfortunately, are seen less and less in the world of millionaire soccer players.

UN GESTO, UNA TERNURA, MUCHO PARA APRENDER...!!! Por una gentileza de Daniel Peirone (delegado Corazón de María) podemos publicar este video donde se ve a un chico de Corazón de María ayudar a su par de San Buenaventura en pleno partido... estos son valores que se inculcan en la Liga Intercolegial de Fútbol Infantil (LIFI) de Córdoba Capital.

Pubblicato da LIFI Intercolegial su Domenica 9 ottobre 2016

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