Marijuana stops terrible Parkinson tremors…
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Marijuana stops terrible Parkinson tremors ...

October 01, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Ian Frizell has had, since the age of 55, an early form of Parkinson. Consequently, he started right away with therapy to calm the typical tremors, but the feeling of malaise that he felt as soon as took the prescribed medicines forced him to seek an alternative form of care.

Therefore, he started self-medication based on the consumption of marijuana and in this video Frizell shows the amazing positive effects! In fact, after having taken a 30 mg dose, which is just a small pinch, the involuntary movements are significantly reduced and the man also claims to find less difficulty in speaking.

Regardless of our individual ethical and political orientation, it is hard to deny the enormous relief that this substance could provide to people suffering each and every day from this terrible disease.


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