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What was underneath all that dog hair?!…
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What was underneath all that dog hair?! Wow!

November 02, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Today we present Ellen, a sweet little dog found abandoned on the streets of Chicago.

It was the volunteers at the Trio Animal Foundation who took care of what looked like a shapeless bundle of dog hair. After months of neglect Ellen's hair had turned into a tangled mass of dirt, excrement, and urine that would soon have provoked a serious infection.

After the initial physical examination, the volunteers immediately proceeded to eliminate that filthy fur, finding beneath it a sweet little, frightened dog . . .

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When she was found Ellen was scared and hungry. She seemed to be a medium-sized dog, but that was only due to all that hair that was in terrible condition.

In all that hair was the filth that had accumulated while living in a state of complete abandonment.


The vet even found it difficult to determine the sex of the dog.

For the volunteer operators at the center, shearing off all that hair was a real challenge! For the volunteers at the Trio Animal Foundation, shearing Ellen was a real challenge! The smell emanating from the filthy hair was nauseating, but leaving her in that condition was impossible.

Eventually, it was discovered that Ellen weighed only 4 kg, one of which had just been removed when she got sheared . . .


Shearing took about three hours and it was only during the shearing that it was discovered that it was a female dog. Here is her sweet little face!

At the beginning, this little dog's fear of the razor made hair removal very complicated but with time Ellen realized that it was only for her own good.


Who is that little dog standing beside all that hair? It's Ellen in her full glory!

However, that was not all, after shearing, they gave Ellen a nice bath with disinfectant. .


Finally, the little dog was allowed to rest a bit and then it was time to proceed with the process of adoption. In fact, many people were interested in Ellen!

Stories with a happy ending such as Ellen's fill with joy the hearts of the volunteers who each and every day help animals recover from the consequences abandonment.

Ellen's big soft eyes made all the volunteers at the Trio Animal Foundation fall in love with her . . . And her future owners, too!

Now Ellen without her untidy hair has a new life waiting for her with a loving family! Wouldn't you say that judging by Ellen's expression that she is happy?!

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