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No Bake Cold Pineapple Cake Recipe!

Making a cake can be a challenge that many people do not feel they want or need to face, preferring to rely on the expert hands of an experienced pastry chef. However, the ideas for realizing recipes…
Cakes Kitchen Tasty

An easy recipe for Eggplant Cordon Bleu!

We challenge anyone to resist trying this recipe! For its simplicity and its divine taste, it is impossible not to succumb to the temptation of presenting this dish at your next meal. This is a recipe…
Food Kitchen Tasty

Discover a pasta recipe that makes your mouth water!

Pasta is a dish to which it is very difficult to say no, especially when it is presented in such a rich and creamy recipe as in this case. This version with cream, radicchio, and walnuts, that we present,…
Kitchen Tasty Veggie

Make a mouthwatering three-layer cake you can be proud of!

This is not a gourmet recipe and there is no amazing ingredient. This cake recipe uses only the laws of physics and chemistry! Furthermore, it is very simple to implement because it is made with the classic…
Cakes Kitchen Tasty

An easy and very tasty "Eggs in a Baguette" recipe! Try it!

Not everyone likes a sweet breakfast, many prefer their first meal of the day to be a salty one! Fortunately, the choice of what to eat is vast although usually, the preparation time is longer. Therefore,…
Food Kitchen Tasty

Cake slices that are equal and intact: Here's the trick to successfully cutting a cake (and feeding everyone!)

If you are not familiar with cakes you may not know this handy trick that can eliminate any doubts you may have about how to cut a large cake. Therefore, how do you avoid getting slices of cake with…
Tasty Tricks Useful

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