Guinness World record for skipping rope!

This group of fourteen Japanese students has transformed the common rope skipping game into an opportunity to try to win a Guinness world record --- that of the most skips over a single rope in one minute…

Women from around the world made a "simple" crochet blanket; the end result was ... a Guinness World Record!

There are some world records that are rather strange, but still spectacular! In India, more than 2,000 women -- mostly Indian but participation was not lacking from other places around the world --  all…

Meet the woman with the the smallest waist in the world !

Michele Koebke, 24 year old girl from Berlin, decided to emulate her idol, the American Cathie Jung, who holds the record for the smallest waist. So she's worn a corsage for three years and decreased…
Guinness Women Wtf

Largest paper plane in the world !

The dream of any child: a 3 meters paper airplane, large enough to claim the world record for the largest flying paper plane.

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