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street cakes in china !

You shouldn't be picky if you want to taste a typical cake from a Chinese street stand: bees, attracted by sugar, could be... the secret ingredient.
China Curious Wtf

It's simple ... Just do not look down!

Walking on the most dangerous trail of the China mountains.

Spectacular "Coiling Dragon" Cliff Glass SkyWalk!

Tianmen mountain in Hunan province (China), with the particular shape of its peak, is definitely one of the most majestic and fascinating mountains in the world. It is visited by thousands of tourists…

This man took 36 years to dig a canal to bring water to his village

Chinese people love to use proverbs and idiomatic expressions when they tell stories about something and among the many that they have, one of the best known is definitely:"The Old Fool Who Moved the…

A man parks his car in China --- keep your eye on the platform!

With its one billion inhabitants, China remains the most populous country in the world. Especially in big cities population density reaches record numbers, but their livability is still better than other…

In China here is how they eliminated an overpass in one night!

The rapidity with which the Chinese put up buildings is equal only to that which they are able to completely dismantle an enormous overpass bridge in Nanchang, China and once again this cannot be denied.…

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