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street cakes in china !

You shouldn't be picky if you want to taste a typical cake from a Chinese street stand: bees, attracted by sugar, could be... the secret ingredient.
China Curious Wtf

It's simple ... Just do not look down!

Walking on the most dangerous trail of the China mountains.

If you hate the traffic in your town, you haven't seen what happens in China

When it comes to pollution often they indicate industries and factories as the main factors, without thinking of the millions of cars that travel the globe every day releasing pollution into the air and…
China Wtf

A man parks his car in China --- keep your eye on the platform!

With its one billion inhabitants, China remains the most populous country in the world. Especially in big cities population density reaches record numbers, but their livability is still better than other…

Is the world’s highest glass-bottomed suspension bridge --- really safe?

The safety of the world's highest glass-bottomed suspension bridge, built in central China, was questioned after a glass panel began to crack suddenly, spreading panic. A British reporter was called in…

These Chinese kids climb a "Stairway to Heaven" to go to school!

Do you think that having to tolerate hours of traffic to get to work is hell? It may well be an inferno, but at least it is not particularly risky! However, in the world, there are absurd situations,…

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