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This man took 36 years to dig a canal to bring water to his village

Chinese people love to use proverbs and idiomatic expressions when they tell stories about something and among the many that they have, one of the best known is definitely:"The Old Fool Who Moved the…

Delicious Homemade Chinese Spring Rolls!

These Chinese rolls, also known as "spring rolls"', are typical of Oriental cuisine. They are made from very thin rice-based pasta, mixed vegetables, and meat, and seasoned with the traditional soy sauce.…
China Food Kitchen

Busy Bees do not deter this Chinese street vendor!

At the foot of Fenghuang Mountain, in China, a street vendor selling sweets and pastries stuffed with sugar and sesame, works all day to make these sweets under very particular circumstances.  As a matter…

Dogs rescued at the annual Chinese Dog Meat Festival!

Ending the annual dog (and cat) meat festival that every year in June takes place in the Chinese city of Yulin will not be possible until the government intervenes. In recent years, however, many Chinese…

These Chinese kids climb a "Stairway to Heaven" to go to school!

Do you think that having to tolerate hours of traffic to get to work is hell? It may well be an inferno, but at least it is not particularly risky! However, in the world, there are absurd situations,…

Where is the beer you drink made? In China?!

Beer in China often is sold at such a low price that to doubt its origin is the least we can do. In these three videos, we get to see how in a clandestine factory in Dongguan City in China,  the locals…
Beers China Police

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