Baby scorpions and fingernails --- a Mexican fashion craze? -
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Baby scorpions and fingernails --- a…
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Baby scorpions and fingernails --- a Mexican fashion craze?


A few years ago, a fashion craze exploded in China where small live aquatic creatures were confined inside small transparent keychain rings filled with a life-sustaining liquid that kept the creatures alive for a few days. Can there be a more disgraceful and inhumane fashion craze than this? Apparently, the answer is yes, and this time, it comes from Mexico.

This new fashion craze has to do with fingernail art, the art of decorating nails with colors and the most extravagant designs, which apparently are still not enough to make women's hands attractive.

In fact, in South America, it is now fashionable to glue baby scorpions on nails under a layer of transparent gel. The practice was born in the town of Durango in Mexico, where the scorpion is an insect revered as a lucky charm.

Unfortunately, this is just another example of very shameful human behavior!


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