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A mysterious disease took away her limbs…
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A mysterious disease took away her limbs ...

October 23, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Some diseases do not occur very often in human society and for this reason, they are considered to be "rare". In this category, there are very high numbers of illnesses. In many cases, there is no cure and the families that have to manage a rare disease are forced to radically change their habits.

When that happens, the dramatic onset of such a rare disease is amplified by the conditions of poverty in which the sick person lives. Rahma Haruna is a Nigerian girl who is only 19 years old has been forced due to her illness to live in a plastic basin since she was six months old.

Like many of her peers, Rahma is a smiling and an intelligent girl, but since she was born she has been fighting a disease that makes her different. Her body stopped developing at the age of six months.

"It all started when she did not learn to walk. She always had a fever and pain in her stomach. Then she was no longer able to use her limbs," says the mother.


Rahma's family involves her in all of their everyday activities, carrying her around inside a plastic basin.

A scientific explanation of this girl's condition has never been found, but family members have not stopped paying for medical visits to identify the cause and to find a cure for her disease.

Her father has practically sold everything in his possession in order to pay the medical expenses necessary to care for his daughter.


In her town, people believe that her deformity is due to the influence of evil spirits, but fortunately, her family has always protected her.

Especially her younger brother protects her from malicious people and from those who ridicule her body --- He is always with her and takes her everywhere he goes.


"I thank God for everything that I am able to do," says Rahma.

Despite the daily challenges that she must overcome, Rahma is a girl full of hope and dreams. In fact, she has big plans to open her own shop one day and she always has a smile on her face.

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