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A woman gives a porcupine corn on the…
This dog's bedtime ritual will surprise you --- and make you laugh! He calls his dog to pet him --- its size will take your breath away!

A woman gives a porcupine corn on the cob --- hear his response!

August 05, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The North American porcupine, also known as the common porcupine, is a very nice and likable animal covered with sharp porcupine quills that are used primarily for defense. 

In the video, this domesticated specimen named Teddy has learned to do without this defense mechanism in order to receive in exchange tasty delicacies.  As a matter of fact, we see him quickly and greedily munching corn on the cob! 

Notice two curious details about this porcupine species: one is its childish jealousy towards its favorite food. . . and the other is that Teddy makes noises that sound remarkably like words when asked to share what he holds in his paws!

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