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A child tries to wake up her big brother…
Its owner says the word A horse insistently disturbs a reporter --- his reaction will make you smile!

A child tries to wake up her big brother --- what happens is so sweet!

July 09, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Never mind if there is a difference of sex and age between siblings, there will always be an underlying bond; a special understanding that cannot be found in any other relationship.

In this video, a baby girl wants to wake up her sleeping big brother and from the moment she starts crawling towards him she improvises some of the sweetest scenes.

In fact, although unstable on her little feet she tries to remain standing so that she can wake him up by caressing his sleeping face. When her brother finally wakes up, he turns towards his little baby sister and gives her one of the most affectionate kisses ever seen!

Tags: Children Tenders


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