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Discover some ingenious cotton ball…
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Discover some ingenious cotton ball hacks!

April 07, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Cotton balls are a cleaning aid that can always be found in the bathroom medicine cabinet. Whether you use them to clean a small wound or to remove makeup after a long day, their absorbency is always very effective.

In fact, this feature can also be adopted for other types of uses, which do not necessarily have to deal directly with cleaning. Who would have thought, that, for example, that it is possible to light a fire with a ball of cotton?

Let's discover this and other uses that go beyond the ordinary ones.

1. Understand whether a surface is painted with oil paint or water.

When you are about to paint a surface, it is important to know for sure if the last paint job was made with oil paint or water (latex) paint. In fact, to ensure the maximum adhesion and a lasting result it is advisable to always paint a surface with a layer of the same kind of paint. To check this, just pour alcohol on a cotton ball and wipe the surface and if the paint sticks to cotton, it is a water-based product.


2. Protect your makeup when you travel!

If you're planning an adventurous vacation but do not want to give up your makeup products (you never know what might happen ...), protect them by inserting cotton floppy disks or cotton balls into the boxes and in your powder compacts. In this way, for example, your compact powder will not break into pieces or get shattered.

3. Bring nail polish remover when you travel....

Continuing with the theme of travel, you can avoid lugging around a bottle of nail polish remover with a simple trick. Put cotton balls in a container for pills or camera film, pour in some nail polish remover and close tightly  --- they will always be ready to be used!

4. Air Freshener for environments

You can easily turn a cotton ball into an air freshener! Just pour a few drops of essential oil on it and seal it in a small transpirable bag to be stored in the corners of cabinets or shelves. Voila!

5. Sprout many different types of seeds

As we usually learn in school, cotton is perfect for growing the first roots of many types of seeds. The characteristics of cotton balls allow them, in fact, to perfectly control the level of moisture thereby creating for seeds the perfect environment for germination. After the seeds sprout, of course, you will need to transplant them into the ground.

6. Deodorize rooms ... with a vacuum cleaner!


How about deodorizing your home while you are cleaning? If you use a vacuum cleaner with a bag, insert a cotton ball covered with essential oil and while you are cleaning, the air coming out of the vacuuming cleaner will help to enhance the effect of freshness.

7. Remove mold

Mold builds up inexorably in the most secluded corners of humid areas. To eliminate mold, wet some cotton balls with bleach, place it on the moldy area for one night. The next morning all the mold can be easily removed.

8. Germinate seeds in an original way


This is a fun project to do with kids! Procure a plastic glove (you can find plenty of them in the every supermarket produce department). Next, inside each finger of the glove insert a moist cotton ball, then the seeds and then another moist cotton ball. Write on each finger what seeds it contains ... After 3-4 days the seeds will sprout and you can transfer them to the ground by cutting ... off a finger! 

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9. Light a fire

If you plan to go camping but you are lovers of the do-it-yourselfer, you can create your own magical turn-fire in a simple manner. Simply soak cotton balls in liquid wax ... it will burn for several minutes and will help you get a great barbecue.

In this video you can see how!

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9. Light a fire

If you plan to go camping and you are a do-it-yourself lover, you can create your own magical fire starter with this easy method. Simply soak cotton balls in liquid wax ... it will burn for several minutes and will help you get a great barbecue started.

In this video, you can see how it is done!

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