Can you pass this short eye test? ---…
After seeing this zucchini recipe --- You will never eat potato chip snacks again! Mom tells her sons that a baby sister is arriving --- Their reactions are a sight!

Can you pass this short eye test? --- The last screen shot is difficult!

May 30, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

This short eye test that we propose will not only test your eyesight, but also your eye speed which measures how long it takes a light striking our eyes to reach our conscious awareness.

In each individual video frame, you will see the exact same characters, but included among them you will also see one or two variables that do not belong there! Do you think you can quickly find and identify them? It is important to not give up right away and to not get nervous.

Relax and remember to just focus, move along steadily, and you will pass the test!

Tags: GamesCurious


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