How many numbers are there in the image?…
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How many numbers are there in the image? Test yourself with this visual illusion

March 23, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

The Internet is the ideal place to have fun with some visual games or quizzes to train the mind, don't you find? Optical illusions are, for example, one of the many tricks used to entertain users in an attempt to "trick their sight and their minds". It's not always possible to clearly distinguish the objects hidden behind an image, but it's always fun to be able to test yourself.

The photo that we show here has the purpose of placing you in the challenge of identifying a series of numbers hidden within the image. Making this challenge complicated and difficult is the presence of black and white streaks arranged in the foreground as if they were in a vortex.

The photo we are showing you here, has gone viral on the web, sparking the curiosity of users who have tested themselves by taking this challenge. We challenge you to guess what is written inside of the image: we are sure that not everyone will see the same thing! First of all, we confirm that inside the image there is a series of numbers, which may be more or less recognizable to you at first glance. How many numbers do you see? And which numbers specifically?

The image was posted on Twitter and soon made the rounds on the web, causing a lot of chatter amongst the users. Not everyone was able to identify the hidden numbers and someone even expressed concern when unable to do this: "Do I have to go to an ophthalmologist?" or even, "Do I need to make a doctor's appointment?".

What do you think you see? If you are not sure, scroll down further and find out the answer!

The solution to this optical illusion is the following: there are seven numbers within the image, namely 3452839. How many of these numbers have you managed to identify?

If you haven't identified all the numbers, don't worry because it's normal: simply looking very closely is not enough – in actual fact, you need to have a good sensitivity to contrast (and not everyone has this natural ability. It is the black and white stripes in a vortex arrangement, of course, that provides the magic behind this optical illusion.

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