This dog is truly this woman's best friend! ... -
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This dog is truly this woman's best…
A special knife that makes serving watermelon a breeze! Unreal! Sea storm with huge waves and 120 mph winds ...

This dog is truly this woman's best friend! ...


Anyone who is the owner of a dog can definitely tell you about an episode in which it seemed that the animal was endowed with a sixth sense. In fact, many pets become nervous and restless when they feel danger approaching.

Apparently, animals can even predict earthquakes and in Japan, dogs are observed to anticipate an earthquake while in Brazil it is cats that herald the arrival of a typhoon.

The story we are going to share is precisely about a cute four-legged friend, who saved the life of a pregnant woman, thanks to his sixth sense ...

When Alhanna discovered she was pregnant, for her health and that of the coming baby, doctors advised her not to exceed with close proximity to her faithful dog Keola.

However, this woman loved her puppy so much, that she completely ignored the opinion of her doctors, family, and friends.


One day, Alhanna, noticed Keola's strange behavior --- with his muzzle resting on her belly, crying, and looking constantly in her direction, and he never left her for a moment.

The dog's behavior, not taken seriousl by the couple continued to deteriorate until finally while Alhanna was leaving to go to work, Keola stopped her by holding and pulling on her clothes with his teeth.

Alarmed by the dog's behavior, Alhanna sensed that something was wrong and went to the hospital where she instantly fainted as she entered the building, the analysis revealed that she had a severe kidney infection.


Alhanna is convinced that Keola had been trying to warn her, even when she did not show any symptoms of the infection. Fortunately, the woman and the child have come through the ordeal unscathed, but things could have been much worse.

We hear many stories like this, so, therefore, perhaps the famous sixth sense of dogs is real. Of course, to understand what they mean when dogs display unusual behavior can be difficult, but the important thing is to understand that they are giving you a warning! 

Alhanna's baby was born and is alive and healthy today --- with Keola, still standing by as the child's ever vigilant and highly efficient nanny!

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I was aloud a home visit just to see my girl, it's been just over 2 weeks and iv missed her so much... I think by her reaction she had missed me too, thankyou bear for all you've done for me and your little brother. Your our angel 󾬏 but back to the hospital I go :(

Pubblicato da Alhanna Butler su Domenica 2 agosto 2015

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