This man is sad on his birthday --- but look who sneaks up behind him . . . -
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This man is sad on his birthday ---…
A group of people waits immobile in an arena ---- when the bull enters --- its reaction is surprising! A dog is brought into a room --- Soon it notices a face not seen for 20 long months. . .

This man is sad on his birthday --- but look who sneaks up behind him . . .


Having a child who lives far away from home is very hard for a parent -- even more so if their child risks his/her life every day, engaged in a military mission.

For the man, in this video, it is a day of celebration, since it his 50th birthday, and although his son sends him a very nice Happy Birthday video message, it is still a sad moment because he cannot have his son with him on this special occasion!

However, it is while this man is responding very emotionally to his son's Happy Birthday video message, that someone sneaks up and appears from behind him ...

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