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A marble rolls down a maze of blocks…
Half bike and half treadmill here is a means of transport that will revolutionize individual mobility! She tells her dog to get out of the bathtub --- but the dog's reaction is astonishing!

A marble rolls down a maze of blocks --- You will not believe what you see!

May 11, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

What is magic for you? For us, it is something absolutely amazing and original, without necessarily introducing any deceptions or illusions. Consequently, for us, magic is also what a YouTuber called Kaplamino, has managed to create and do!

Yes, for the next few minutes you will be entertained by a kind of mesmerizing magic that uses just marbles, magnets, wooden dowels, and the force of gravity. Just follow the objects with your eyes and allow yourself to be entranced by the constant motion and incremental movements of all of its interactive parts ... It is absolutely hypnotic!

Tags: Curious Genius


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