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Put some bacon strip rolls in the oven…
A delicious chocolate cookie cake? --- No problem! Making it is a breeze! A man comes face to face with a shark --- But the animal's intentions will surprise you!

Put some bacon strip rolls in the oven to make "Bacon Roses"!

May 08, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In this video, the YouTuber Dave Hax, famous for his original and unexpected culinary creations, shows us today how to cook and serve bacon rolls in a really fresh and original way -- perhaps to impress your friends with a surprise that they would certainly never expect! 

Using bacon, toothpicks, and spinach (but any large-leaved green vegetable will do), Dave manages to create a very realistic bunch of roses, which can be a tasty decoration for your table for serving at a party or at breakfast!  :)

Tags: Curious Kitchen


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