She was so thin that she could not stand…
A grandmother is told to close her street stall --- Her grandson's reaction is a sight to behold! After three weeks a girl returns home and her horse sees her again --- Their reunion is very touching.....

She was so thin that she could not stand up --- but after seven weeks she is unrecognizable!

April 27, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When Barilla arrived at an animal rescue center in Granada, Spain, she was so thin from starvation that she could not even stay on her feet, and her body and vital organs were about to collapse and shut down! But the man who saved her, Eduardo Rodriguez, was determined to keep her alive and bring her back to life!

After seven weeks of intensive food and medical treatment, Barilla is unrecognizable! Now, she runs and jumps happily surrounded and protected by the love of her new friend and owner, Eduardo!

Tags: AnimalsDogsWtf


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