Smear toothpaste on an old wooden chair?! --- See the surprising results! -
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Smear toothpaste on an old wooden chair?!…
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Smear toothpaste on an old wooden chair?! --- See the surprising results!

May 10, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The passion for collecting antique furniture has become for many a real obsession, and the proof is the birth of countless antique markets and websites dedicated to the buying and selling of used or second-hand furniture! 

One of the most common imperfections found on wooden furniture are water stains which are the unsightly whitish spots created when water comes in contact with wood!

How can water stains be removed? In this video, a young man demonstrates how easily it can be done with simple white toothpaste and a damp cloth plus a little gentle rubbing that give excellent results. An amazingly simple solution! :)

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