When you see how this little 7-year-old…
Roll the duvet together with the duvet-cover --- after two seconds like magic – it is done! They put a box in front of a Great Dane --- When he discovers what's inside his reaction is adorable!

When you see how this little 7-year-old girl moves on the ice --- you will be enchanted!

March 26, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Gia is only a seven-year-old girl but, looking at her ice skating skills and her ability to control her body, she seems to be a much more experienced skater. With her white dress and her elegant and graceful movements she really looks like a princess!

Anyone who has ever tried to ice skate knows how difficult it can be. Although very young, when Gia skates, it is obvious that she has worked hard and practiced many hours. In fact, just watching her skate so wonderfully, she seems destined to continue to develop her skill and talent and climb to great heights as time goes by!

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