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How to grow you own pistachio tree!
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How to grow you own pistachio tree!

October 30, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Pistachios are one of those foods that cause a kind of addiction because, as they say for cherries, one leads to another. The ideal situation would be to have a plant in your garden that gives you pistachios daily!

Did you know that this is possible? Yes, by germinating pistachios purchased at the supermarket, you can grow your own pistachio tree.

You do not believe us, but just see how it is done! Explaining it is more difficult than doing it! :-) 

Buy a package of pistachios at the supermarket --- be careful not to buy the toasted ones!

Start by putting some pistachios without their shells in a glass of water. Each fruit will produce a plant, therefore, decide how many seeds want to sprout.

Leave to soak overnight. They will become larger than the dry pistachios in the package.

You must ensure that the pistachios have the correct lighting, humidity, and warmth.

Put some paper towels in a bowl. Take the pistachio seeds out of the glass of water and place them on the paper towels, and fold the paper towels to cover the seeds. 

Pour water over the folded paper towels. You will have to repeat this watering process everytime the paper towels are dry. Keep the bowl with the seeds near a window. 

After seven days or so, a small root will start to grow from the pistachio seeds.


It's time to plant your sprouted pistachio seeds!

Get yourself a deep pot and with a pencil make a hole in the soil. Put the small root of the pistachio inside the hole, leaving the seed on the surface. 

Sprinkle with plenty of water, and water this plant regularly. Put the pot near a window.

After five days, a seedling will sprout which is your future pistachio tree.

Now the seedling is ready to be planted!  As usual, you must make sure to find a place that is mostly sunny, and water your plant regularly.

Arm yourself with patience, and you will see your tree give you all the pistachios you want! :-)

For all the detailed steps, here is a video presented by someone who has already done this before! :-)

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