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A mother shows how she puts her baby…
They are playing ball at the beach ... and when it's the dog's turn? Wow!? Bow Wow! A woman places a parrot on its perch.... When the music starts it's impossible not to laugh!

A mother shows how she puts her baby to sleep ... In less than a minute!

By Robert Maggi

To put a baby to sleep is not always a difficult thing to do! Sometimes, it just a matter of finding the right technique, and every mother has her own personal routine. Some mothers begin by softly singing a lullaby or a nursery rhyme; others gently rock the child until it closes its eyes.

In this video, a mom shows off her own very personalized method! She begins by gently touching the baby's body, head, and face with feather-light fingers and rubbing her hands softly over the baby's face... and in less than a minute ...the child falls into a deep sleep! Fantastic!

Tags: Children Tricks


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