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He jumps on the kitchen table and shows…
This area of Australia is full of holes in the ground: when you'll understand why you will be shocked ! 2 shepherd dogs chase a sheep, but keep your eyes on the little one on the left ..

He jumps on the kitchen table and shows you what cats do best ... Hilarious!

It is not exactly clear why cats don't like objects on the table and have to necessarily throw them on the floor. Certainly we know that this behaviour is source of great fun for their owners (not when it comes to valuables, in this case the story is different). Look at the big face of this cat when he just can't resist this temptation.
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Happy dogs from Australia !

A diving compilation with the right soundtrack: a group of dogs and a cat as a mascot, are picked up from home and taken the beach, where they enjoy moments of leisure and moments of behavioral training.
May 09, 2014
September 08, 2017

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