The way this cat escapes the dog is really unexpected ... What a genius! -
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The way this cat escapes the dog is…
Here's how to break a car window in case of an EMERGENCY. Did You Know this? She wraps her hair in a shirt ... the next morning the result is magnificent !

The way this cat escapes the dog is really unexpected ... What a genius!

By Robert Maggi
We are all used to seeing videos of cats doing something sweet or a funny, but did you know that they are also able to surprise us with tricks as much as their "best" friends ? Here is Didga, the prodigious cat star of this unexpected video, that will revolutionize many of your preconceptions about these animals.
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Nothing will stop him !!

This cat really has a special ability to open doors and even the water can't stop him. The only useful advice seems to be to replace the handles with round shaped ones...hoping that he doesn't learn to…
August 18, 2014

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