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A biker with a particular passenger…
A little girl asks strangers for food --- their reaction will impress you! How about broccoli as a snack? --- his reaction will make you laugh out loud!

A biker with a particular passenger . . . Don't miss its expression!

July 21, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Taking the time to travel and getting to know the world is a way to broaden our views and perspectives and to be more aware of that the fact that we are living on a beautiful planet.

Visiting foreign countries means understanding their customs, traditions. . . and even what may seem to be bizarre! 

For example, also in Thailand, there are some traffic laws and regulations that are not respected by all the citizens! For instance, this man in the video is riding his motorbike in the company of a passenger without a helmet! 

But, then again, who knows if the traffic code in Thailand has a special clause which excludes cats from the observance of this obligation?!

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