This woman was paid to carry the baby of a childless couple: "I love being pregnant"

by Mark Bennett

June 12, 2023

This woman was paid to carry the baby of a childless couple: "I love being pregnant"

Becoming a mother is a gift, a blessing. The fact that the union of two human beings can produce life is something extraordinarily special. For many, starting a family is a natural thing to do. Unfortunately, not all people are able to have children.

In modern times however, there are a number of solutions to this problem and surrogacy is one example. But the subject of this story has a rather unique tale to tell: she is not a woman who is unable to conceive - on the contrary, she already has 2 children and she decided to become a "womb donor".

via New York Post


Samantha Mathews, 31, is an influencer and a media content creator from the Midwest. She mainly shares tips about home renovations, how to potty train young children and she shows snaps of the trips she takes with her family.

She is married to Dan, 34, with whom she has had two children - a boy and a girl.

Samantha has no plans to expand her family, but she has been getting pregnant and giving birth...


In fact, Samantha "rented out" her body to a couple who were unable to have their own children. She did this for a fee (about $36,000), but she says it's not really about the money: "I liked being pregnant. I was lucky to have easy pregnancies and I decided to have that experience again".

Samantha first researched the various IVF and surrogacy procedures thoroughly before she registered with some Facebook groups that put couples in contact with surrogate mothers.

Eventually, she and Dan met with, and had a baby for, a childless couple. "It wasn't easy: I kept telling myself 'this is not my baby, this is for the couple," Samantha said.

As soon as the baby was born, he was immediately placed in the arms of his future, non-biological mother to bond.

Samantha doesn't know if she will do this again as it is mentally and physically taxing. However, she says she was very happy to have given this couple a child.

After giving birth, Samantha went on a 6-month camping trip to recover and spend quality time with her own family.

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