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"My neighbor insists on letting her…
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"My neighbor insists on letting her children play in my garden without my permission; I had to file a complaint"

May 26, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Whether their home is in the city or in the countryside, most people will have to deal with neighbors. While in some cases the relationships are good - you get along well and help each other - in others the situations the relationship may not be the best one could hope for. If you are one of the lucky ones and do not believe what we have just stated, we invite you to read this story for proof.

The subject of this story told of their experience on Reddit - a horrible experience she had with her neighbors and their children. Read on to find out what happened:

via: Reddit

The Reddit post author is a 29-year-old woman who lives with her younger sister and explains that she has a trampoline in the back yard of their house that they used when they were little. Nothing strange here so far - everyone tends to keep some old things from their childhood, and even if not using them anymore, they retain sentimental value. And this was the case with the trampoline - at least, until the new neighbors started to show an unwelcome interest in it.

"Our new neighbors have been living next to us for about a year," writes the author of the post. She continued: "I have a family of 4 children at different ages. For a couple of weeks the weather has improved and the sun was out, so it was nice to spend a few hours out in the garden. My new neighbors' children were out too, and it didn't cause me any problems until they noticed the trampoline I had in my garden."

According to the story, on one sunny afternoon in Glasgow, the neighbor asked our author if her children could use the trampoline for a while and have some fun. The author didn't have a problem with the request and gave her permission, trusting that the kids would be done playing before evening.

"At 7 pm I had an appointment with some of my friends for an aperitif in the garden," wrote the author, @poopypainpants. "Shortly before, I had gone out to run a few errands and I was sure that on my return, the kids woudl be gone, but this was not the case. The children were in the back yard playing on the trampoline and this left me speechless. I told them to leave immediately and it was suddenly a major drama. They burst into tears and their mother came out to ask me to let them stay longer, but I said refused and said it was not possible. Incredibly, this offended the woman."

Unfortunately this was not the only episode involved the  children and the trampoline. In the following days, the situation repeated itself more than once and created a rift between the author of the post and the neighbor. In fact, the kids were entering her garden play on the trampoline without her permission.

"I mentioned this situation to my mother, but the only thing she kept telling me was to let the kids play. They were just children and I didn't use the trampoline, so what would it cost me to turn a blind eye? But it is my house, my garden , my trampoline and the kids were so rude that they believed they could do whatever they wanted."


The thing that most upset the author of the post was the total indifference shown by the mother, who continued to refuse to discipline her kids and stop them from entering the author's garden without permission. Despite the arguments, in fact, the neighbor gave her children permission to go and play in the author's garden even on weekends, or at 9 in the morning while the author was trying to rest.

Things eventually got so bad and unbearable that it led the author to take drastic action. In the end, in fact, to put a stop to all this, she had to file a complaint with the authorities against her neighbors.

An incredible story, but one that is not so rare as to be never found in reality. Have you ever had to deal with rude neighbors?


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