Woman didn't know she was pregnant: she goes to the bathroom with stomach pains and gives birth

by Mark Bennett

April 20, 2023

Woman didn't know she was pregnant: she goes to the bathroom with stomach pains and gives birth

All of us have, at least once in our lives, been surprised by a particular event: breaking news, a last-minute unexpected event, a strange coincidence. In short, things can happen that we don't expect: it's part of "the game of life". Now it is also true that there are degrees of surprise: realizing that you have forgotten the keys inside the car is very different from discovering that you have won the lottery.

The subject of this story didn't get rich overnight, but we guarantee you that she had an equally astounding experience.

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Marla McEntire, 34, had gone to the bathroom not feeling very well: she had been experiencing painful cramps in her stomach for a few hours. "That night I thought I was constipated. I sent my father to the pharmacy to get me some laxatives and I went back and forth to the bathroom about five times," she said.

The fifth time the woman went to the bathroom and while she was sitting on the toilet, she looked down. Looking up at her was a newborn baby!


Overcoming the shock of what was happening, Marla asked her father for help and together, still stunned, they called emergency services.

"A few months earlier I had started having some pain in my hips and some stomach issues, so I decided to go to a chiropractor and a doctor but no one noticed I was pregnant!" she said. "I never noticed any kind of swelling in my belly nor did I ever feel a 'kick'; no a morning sickness, either." She also added that she always took precautions not to fall pregnant.

Eventually, both Marla and her baby, later named Atlas, were taken to the hospital and are in excellent health. Friends and family were just as shocked as Marla. Let's see what Marla's sister's reaction was:

“Dear little Atlas, it's so crazy to think that just seven days ago nobody knew you existed. Not even your mother! Now here I am, so overwhelmed with love for you! Give me another week and maybe I'll stop crying every time I hold you."

"Dear Marla, The moment I found out that Atlas was born and I met you in the hospital, I saw a change come over you, a new sense of peace and purpose in this life. Now you have had a unique experience, little sister, and you have so beautifully assumed this unexpected role of motherhood. I really couldn't be more proud of you. I love you," wrote her sister on an Instagram post.

Marla confessed that she has always been afraid of becoming a mother: "God has managed all this for me".

An incredible story that joins similar others on the net recently. What do you think about this?