Tattoo artist refuses to pierce a newborn baby's ears: an argument erupts

by Mark Bennett

April 27, 2023

Tattoo artist refuses to pierce a newborn baby's ears: an argument erupts

There are many fashions and forms of expression that are popular in our society. In particular, tattoos and piercings are very popular in recent times.

However, although now commonplace, tattooing or piercing still requires that some rules are respected: for example, in some countries, you must be of age in order to get a tattoo or a piercing.

And this is what this story is about - read on to find out more:



Molly treated me so nice and kindly piercing my cheekbone microdermal today. Not something I ever thought I would do...

Pubblicato da Adhum Price su Lunedì 13 febbraio 2023

Adhum Price is a Birmingham-based piercer (and tattoo artist) who found himself having a rather unusual conversation with one of his customers one day.

Adhum recounts the scene like this: "Good afternoon, do you do piercings by any chance?" the customer asked. "Good afternoon, yes we do: we are a piercing and tattoo studio," Adhum replied. "Great! I'd like have my my child's ears pierced then," the customer continued. Following standard protocol, Adhum asked how old the customer's child was. "My baby is two weeks old," the customer said.

Stunned, Adhum had to compose himself before responding...

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"No, I'm sorry, but I can't pierce your two-week old baby's ears," Adhum said. "So, how long before you can pierce my baby's ears?!" the customer asked. Adhum found himself fighting to remain calm and civil with the customer.

"Generally my staff and I start from an age of at least eight years and even then, we make sure that it is something the child really wants: we check to see if the child will be comfortable needles and with the overall piercing process,” Adhum explained in exasperation. "But my child has no problem with needles!" the customer insisted. Adahm couldn't believe his ears and stated: "Madam, your child is only 2 weeks old. There is no way your baby knows anything about piercings!" In the end, the customer gave up and left, but Adhum wanted to share his strange encounter on the web.

Some users stated that the customer's request was not that absurd, but most users supported and congratulated Adhum. What do you think about this? Whose side would you take?