Husband refuses to give up on his deathly ill wife: after 2 months of prayers, she wakes up

by Mark Bennett

January 18, 2023

Husband refuses to give up on his deathly ill wife: after 2 months of prayers, she wakes up

Sometimes, when life confronts us with enormous difficulties, the only thing that can save us is faith. Zach and Autumn Carver know this very well These two are the parents of three wonderful children who can live together happily thanks to Zach's prayers. This story all started when Autumn suddenly fell ill and had to undergo an emergency C-section to give birth to her third child. The baby was born healthy, but Autumn was transferred to intensive care with serious, life-threatening complications.

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Thinking back to those terrible days, Zach remembers the chilling words about his wife's condition: "They told me she had an almost 0% chance of survival. It was the worst day of my life."

Despite the dire prognosis, Zach decided to rely on his faith: "I told the doctors I wouldn't leave the hospital without Autumn. I prayed all the time. Every second I could. I can't explain it, I just knew that she would survive,” he said. Every day Zach watched over his wife, and in the evening he went to visit his two daughters and little son Huxley, who were staying with his grandparents. Later, unfortunately, other complications developed: multiple infections, anemia and even cardiac arrest. After two months of keeping Autumn alive on machines, doctors suggested taking her off life support and letting her go peacefully. But Zach refused to give up.


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Zach continued to pray to God for a miracle: "I'd sit with her and pray. I'd walk around the halls or sit in the waiting rooms. I prayed to God to keep Autumn alive, to let her beat the odds. I need her and the children need her." At this point, Zach posted a prayer request on Facebook that made the rounds on social media: "Millions of people around the world were praying for us," he recalled.

In early October, after a period of improvement, the doctors agreed to Zach's request to take Autumn off her sedatives, just long enough for her to see and hold baby Huxley for the first time.

This first meeting was very short and moving. The the days passed, Autumn also prayed to God when she was conscious. Doctors suggested the option of a lung transplant to aid Autumn's recovery, but Zack sought a second opinion. He still believed his wife would be healed by a miracle fom God. And in fact, a thoracic surgeon proposed a therapy that managed to avoid the need for a transplant. A few weeks later, Autumn was able to go home.

After this experience Zach said he has got much closer to God: "I'm closer to my family. I say prayers with my children every night. I didn't do that before. Prayer saved my wife and it changed my life," Zack said.