They think their buying a sweater for 2 €, but wait untill they put the money ... -
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They think their buying a sweater for…
This washing machine seem strange, but it could be a REVOLUTION! Dad is about to blow on the flower, but the reaction of his son takes him by SURPRISE!

They think their buying a sweater for 2 €, but wait untill they put the money ...

April 30, 2015 • By Robert Maggi
On April 24th, 2015 it was proclaimed the Fashion Revolution Day, a day in which 60 countries organizing a series of initiatives to raise public awareness about the real oring of the clothes you are wearing. During that day, a vending machine was placed for T-shirts for 2 euros in the middle of a square in Berlin, but at the same time it showed what lies behind this business. Will they complete the purchase or donate the money?


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