Mechanic wins € 126 million euros: "Now I have a dream villa and luxury cars, but my life is boring"

Mark Bennett

December 08, 2022

Mechanic wins € 126 million euros:

Winning the lottery is the dream for many - it's too bad then, that not everyone can be a winner. But some do, indeed, win. For these people, their win can change their lives forever. But are these changes always positive?

Many would answer yes, but not the subject of this story. Read on to find out more:

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Neil Trotter lives in Coulsdon, South London, and used to work as a mechanic - at least he did until something in his life changed. An avid lottery player, Neil eventually hit the jackpot. Niel won € 126 million euros and was able to make all his dreams come true. A great fan of racing cars, he swapped his small car for a Porsche and a Jaguar and bought a villa on a private lake.

Neil had always had a premonition that sooner or later Lady Luck would come knocking on his door and he used to say: "One day I will win and I will win big". No one believed him, not even his father - who teased him, telling him that he would only win in his dreams. But Neil was proven right. "The day before it happened, I felt that something extraordinary was on the horizon. I even told my father that I would soon become a millionaire," Neil said.  

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The win changed Neil's life completely. Most would think the changes would be for the better, but Neil states this is not the case. "Going from intense working days to doing nothing wasn't nice at all. I was able to achieve what I wanted, yes, but spending many hours at home, sitting on the sofa watching television, is terribly boring," he said. This is a very strange thing to say, especially since many would do almost anything to be in his shoes.

The win, however, gave Neil the opportunity to return to his first love: racing. And he has now dedicated some of his time to pursuing this passion. Perhaps this will help Neil find some new meaning in his life.

What would you have done with all this money?