Father wonders if it's normal for his…
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Father wonders if it's normal for his 11-year-old twins to still bathe together

September 27, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Many parents try to save time doing chores that concern the home or children, especially when it comes to young children. For example, it is not uncommon for mother and father to bathe with their infants in the same tub: it is objectively more convenient and safer, since you can keep an eye on the kids and you save time by not having to draw a second bath. All of this is perfectly acceptable and quite common - at least as long as the children are very young and of a similar age (twins are a classic example). But when should habit end? A father asked Reddit users for advice after he was shocked by finding out something about his kids and bathtime.

via: Reddit

A father posted to Reddit how he found his 11-year-old twins, a boy and a girl, still bathing together, just like they did when were just a few months old. The man stated that he was extremely grateful for having this wonderful pair of twins in his life, and that they once used to bathe together to save time. But now things have changed: "They're about to hit puberty (they just turned 11 last month) and I don't think they should be this anymore. It's not normal for teenagers to take a bath together, even if they're twins," said the father. The father, worried about the situation, explained that when he was a child he never took a shower with his parents. Finding out his 11-year-old twin children are still bathing together made him feel very uncomfortable.

Additionally, the man explained that his children are literally always together: they go to each other's bedroom, at home they always chase and hug each other, while in public they hold hands. Although they are twins and, of course, share a special bond, this father shared his concerns with his wife. His wife, however, did not agree with her husband: "They have been doing it all their lives, they are just children and they are brother and sister. What is the problem?".

Do you agree with the concerns of this father or do you side with the mother? Write it to us in the comments.

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