Man died for 20 minutes and claims to have seen the afterlife: "Tall trees and expanses of flowers, but it was not my time"

Mark Bennett

September 14, 2022

Man died for 20 minutes and claims to have seen the afterlife:

Do you believe in the afterlife or in life after death? These are very personal thoughts and beliefs, which are difficult to verify since no one can really testify about the existence of Paradise or a "place" in which we find ourselves after dying. There are those who believe in it and those who absolutely do not. Scott Drummond definitely falls into the first category of people, as he claims he witnessed it himself at a young age. It sounds strange, but Scott was injured in a skiing accident at the age of 28 and, in the operating room, passed away ... for twenty minutes! He is certainly not the first to whom such a thing has happened, but not everyone says that they have seen something special once they "come back".

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Today Scott Drummond is over sixty years old and shares his experience to instill hope in those who no longer seem to be able to find a meaning for life. Scott had a bad skiing accident as a young man and, once in the hospital, had a real "deathbed experience". Due to a mistake by a nurse, Scott's heart stopped and, as he himself recalls, he was pronounced dead for about twenty minutes. Then, 20 minutes later, his heart started beating again and he revived. During those 20 minutes, Scott claims he had visions that changed his life.

Scott said he felt a strange sensation in his arm and that suddenly he found himself floating above his body lying on the operating table. Beside him, he sensed a presence whose features he could not make out; the faceless "person" was God himself calling to him (according to Scott). It is no suprise, then, that the mysterious presence led him to a huge field - an expanse of flowers and tall trees: "I remember it vividly. I knew I couldn't look back," Scott commented about the experience. Trunks of tall trees with leaves on top, an expanse of flowers and the presence of God suddenly disappeared. Even though now alone, everything was quiet and Scott did not feel anxious.

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Soon after, Scott remembers a voice - and an arm coming from the clouds - that reminded him of something important: "It's not your time yet. You still have a lot to do." After that, Scott came back to the operating table, amazing the doctors. From then on, Scott Drummond said he knew for certain that "he had to lead a better life".

Several people commented on Scott's video and also claim to have experienced a very similar experience to this. Believe it or not, the thrill of reading about this experience is interesting, no?