Woman buys a house, but is sold the…
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Woman buys a house, but is sold the whole neighborhood by mistake: now she has to give everything back

September 02, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Buying a house is perhaps the most common dream shared by many young people who want to start a family. Having a home means having a place to take refuge in, to return to at the end of the day and to feel completely free to be yourself. In short, a house is an important place, which deserves to be chosen carefully, based on your resources. In this story, a woman bought a house for nearly $ 600,000, but due to a "copy and paste" mistake, she found herself as the owner of a lot more land. After the purchase, the woman discovered that she was the owner of the entire neighborhood!

via: The Sun

Half a million dollars is a significant sum, which not everyone can afford, but which has secured a beautiful single-family home for a Nevada woman. But could this amount be enough to buy an entire neighborhood? Well, this is what happened to this Nevada woman, who bought a home valued at $ 594,481 in Sparks, Nevada. After the purchase, however, she discovered that she is not just the owner of a single house, but of an additional eighty properties. The woman found herself owning an entire neighborhood, with a total value of $40 million dollars! How could this happen?

It seems that, at the time of writing up the purchasing deed, there was a "copy and paste" error that gave rise to the misunderstanding.

The error was so clear, that procedures for returning the housing units to their rightful owners were immediately initiated, even if it is not yet completely clear if the woman intends to return the properties voluntarily. Deputy County Councilor Burke commented on how these mistakes are not uncommon and, in the end, they are usually resolved. If the woman opposed the correction, she would be taken to court and, of course, she would lose the case.

What would you do in this woman's shoes?

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