Teacher shares her holiday photos on…
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Teacher shares her holiday photos on social media: parents ask for her to be fired

August 15, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When doing certain jobs, it is always best to respect a certain modesty etiquette in order to avoid incurring criticism and, perhaps, an official reprimand from one's bosses. In principle, we are in agreement with this sentiment. If, however, a reprimand was the result of a disagreement about how one dresses in private (i.e. how you behave when you are not at work), would this be right or not?

This happened to the woman we want to tell you about in this story. She is a teacher who came under heavy criticism for the photos she posted to her Facebook profile. Let's find out together why the criticism from so many parents towards her was generated.

Arely, works as a teacher in a Mexican school. The 25-year-old became known on the web due to the criticism she received from some of the parents of her students. These parents complained about Arely and asked for her dismissal because of the photos that posted to her social media account. According to one mother, she learned about the photos after visiting the teacher's social media account and immediately informed the school.

The problem, according to the parents, is that the teacher shows herself in skimpy clothes on the web and this represents a show of disrespect towards her profession. The incriminating photos show Arely by a pool, in a bathing suit. The woman is also wearing a skirt, but this was not considered enough and was still unacceptable for these parents.

In her defense, the teacher did not remain silent, but stressed how unfair this attack was, as at that time, she was on vacation. A such, she was free to dress as wanted and had the right to post photos of herself wearing a swimming costume. Since the children's parents asked for her dismissal, the 25-year-old stated: "I never show up to work in shorts or a skirt. I always wear long pants and a shirt, all covered by my work apron."


This teacher has been criticized a lot, and the parents have argued that she is in the wrong. But is it right that a teacher needs justify herself for what she does outside working hours? Are teachers free to wear what they want if they are outside of the classrooms? Is it right that this teacher feels fine about sharing photos of herself on her social media account, aware that there is a chance her pupils could perhaps find them?

What do you think?

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