"I shaved my daughter's unibrow because…
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"I shaved my daughter's unibrow because everyone notices her only for this: my husband was furious"

August 18, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Almost all women shave their legs (and other body parts) on a regular basis and probably started doing so in their teens. Before reaching their teens, it is rare for parents to allow their daughters to shave themselves or get themselves waxed - not least because this unwanted hair growth does not really become an issue until girls enter their teen years. There are, however, some exceptional cases, where the girl or boy in question may be repeatedly teased by others for excessive hair growth in certain areas of the body. And naturally, a parent would never want to see their child bullied and in pain. A mom told her story on Reddit about her child who has a very thick unibrow. Although she loves her daughter exactly the way she is, most people only seem to notice this "unibrow".

via: Reddit

This mom wrote about her experience on Reddit, asking users' opinion on the matter - especially after being subjected to her husband's criticism:

"I have a little girl who has very thick eyebrows that join in the middle. Of course, I think she looks beautiful, including her little bushy brow, but I'm so tired of other people's comments. Literally every day, people tell me I should dress her like Frida Kahlo for Halloween. Or they jokingly say that my child has a caterpillar on her face; or they ask me if her dad is also that hairy, etc. Nobody seems to notice anything else about my daughter but her unibrow."

As can be seen from this frustration, this mother does not want her child to be noticed only for this one, single physical characteristic she has and that immediately catches everyone's eye. After all, each of us is much more than what we look like and it is admirable that this mother wants her daughter to stand out in the world for her many other qualities.

So, this mother decided to take action to resolve the issue.

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"I shaved my daughter's brow, to separate her eyebrows. I used a tiny facial razor which is very gentle and made sure to take care of her skin immediately afterwards. I continued to do this every week or so," said the woman. After about one month, however, the husband realized that his daughter no longer had a unibrow and, shocked by this, got furious with his wife.

"He is mad at me because: 1) I didn't consult with him beforehand; 2) I will pass on problems related to poor body image to my daughter; and 3) there is nothing wrong with having a unibrow," stated the woman in the post on Reddit. "I told him that when she is old enough to have her own opinions, she can tell me what she wants, but until then I will continue to shave her eyebrows so that people no longer make fun of her," said this mother.

Reddit users have come out in favor of the mother, while also noting that the father took a month before noticing this "little" detail.

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