Couple discover banknotes from 1934…
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Couple discover banknotes from 1934 hidden under their porch: they have a value of over $20,000 dollars (+ VIDEO)

October 02, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Everyone has to do maintenance work in their home - especially if you have an area outside which is more susceptible to bad weather. But few can say they have found a treasure buried at their front door.

But that's what happened to an American couple not too long ago. The couple were carrying out renovations on the porch of their home, when suddenly, they noticed something strange in the ground. Here is their story:

via: Fox29

Rich and Suzanne Gilson, residents of Wildwood City, New Jersey, United States, found some old banknotes buried in their backyard. Rich initially thought it was garbage, but he quickly changed his mind when he figured out what he was holding. "My wife was there painting and I said to her," You have to come and see this, you won't believe what I just found," he recalled.

"As Rich was cleaning and digging around, he unearthed money in 10's and 20's rolled up in a brown bags, like little cigars," Suzanne Gilson described on social media, where she shared the images of the discovery. A few days later, another packet containing more bills was found as Rich was carrying out further construction work on a walkway in another area of the yard.

Rich believes the money was originally inside a jar that he found broken while digging nearby. In total, the money found amounted to around $ 2,000. According to Suzanne, the value it would have had in 1934 would have been close to $ 20,000 (at the current exchange rate).


Interviewed by a local television network, Rich commented on his find, stating that he initially thought it was money of dubious origin because it was buried.

"Maybe someone didn't trust the banks in 1934, during the height of the Great Depression," he speculated. Rich however stated that he doesn't intend to spend the money, because he likes the idea of keeping the notes and using them as a conversation piece.

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