Infant of only 10 months falls and ends up with a crooked neck: after 13 years, a doctor helps her to reclaim her life -
Infant of only 10 months falls and ends…
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Infant of only 10 months falls and ends up with a crooked neck: after 13 years, a doctor helps her to reclaim her life

July 30, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

How many times have we been amazed at the progress made by science and medicine? So much advance has been made in these field, and despite this, we never cease to be amazed when we hear of stories in which the intervention of doctors was fundamental to solve a complicated and, seemingly almost hopeless, situation.

This is just like the case of the teenager we want to tell you about in this article. She is Afsheen Gul, and lived through a very dramatic accident in her life 13 years ago. But the Afsheen has finally emerged from the after-effects of this accident, thanks to the skills, kindness and generosity of a certain doctor. Let's find out about her story together.

via: BBC

Afsheen Gul is a 13-year-old girl who fell out of her sister's arms when she was only 10 months old. Of Pakistani origin, the young woman is the youngest of 7 siblings and she has lived for over a decade with her neck bent at a 90° angle. In fact, following her fall, she suffered physical trauma which changed her spine. Unfortunately, many other problems have arisen from this accident and which have not allowed Afsheen to live normally like other children her age.

Fortunately, however, medicine is always making great strides and this unusual case is the proof of this. After various interventions, medical examinations, investigations and failures, a number of celebrities decided to raise awareness about Afsheen's plight. As a result, the case came to the attention of Dr. Rajagopalan Krishnan. A specialist, Krishnan took Afsheen's suffering to heart and did everything he could to give her a second chance at life.

So, shortly after meeting Afsheen, the doctor operated on her in Delhi and managed to fix the girl's neck and put it back on its natural axis. This was a completely cost-free intervention for Afsheen, which lasted about 6 hours, and which opened a new door of opportunity for the young woman: no longer marginalized due to her disability, the adolescent was able to begin to assert her independence. "She couldn't walk, she couldn't talk, she couldn't even eat, she needed us to do everything for her. Now, this is no longer the case," said Afsheen's mother in an interview. She concluded by saying: "Afsheen can finally do some basic things for herself now".

Of course, the road to total independence is still going to be a long one, but it is not impossible that one day she may live near-normally and find the happiness she deserves. We just want to wish all the best of luck to Afsheen and express our compliments to Dr. Krishnan who performed an extraordinary act of kindness to restore hope to a very young woman.


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