Man finds a bag with €8,000 euros inside: he does everything he can to track down the owner and receives only a paltry "thank you"

Mark Bennett

July 26, 2022

Man finds a bag with €8,000 euros inside: he does everything he can to track down the owner and receives only a paltry

When we experience moments of difficulty, moments of despair - especially if we are in trouble from a financial point of view, and we do not know what to do - we can end up hoping and praying for a stroke of luck to find an unexpected "treasure" that will save us. Fantasies like this vanish quickly enough, but if such a thing were to really happen and, by pure chance, you came across a bag full of money, what would you do?

We don't know about you, but Pino, the subject of this story, acted honorably and, for this reason, he is considered to be almost a hero. Here is his story:

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Pino Mobilia/Facebook

Giuseppe Mobilia, known as Pino to his friends, is a young merchant from Naples who, on a day like many others, noticed something unusual in front of the shop he manages. On a bench, right in front of him, was an abandoned bag. The man approached, took it and, without opening it, started asking around if it belonged to someone.

Unable to immediately identify the owner who had left the bag there, Pino decided to investigate its contents to determine if there was anything inside to help track down the person who had lost it. As soon as he opened it, he was speechless: the bag contained € 8,000 euros ($ 8,100 dollars) in cash and various pieces of gold jewelry. This was a real windfall that would have been tempting for anyone, but not to Pino.

Pino continued to search the bag, found some ID documents and immediately went around to the owner's address who, once found, did nothing more than say "thank you". This was a very weak show of appreciation when considering the value of the contents of the bag. Pino could have pretended nothing had happened, took the bag, appropriated the money and continued his working day as if nothing had ever happened. But he didn't do this. Pino's noble act of civic duty was made known to the local municipal representatives who, impressed by his actions, praised the honesty of a fellow citizen by publicizing his story and deeply thanking him.

Pixnio - Not the actual photo

No reward, then, for this honest merchant, but it turned out well for him in the end. If he had wanted money, he could have taken the € 8,000 euros he found, but no. He decided to act according to his high moral standards and proved himself a good person for not taking advantage of someone else's misfortune.

Would you have done the same in Pino's shoes?